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Industrial Automation Hands-on An Introduction

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Industrial Automation Hands-on Blog

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Industrial Automation Hands-on

Links to Industrial Automation News Sources
and Industrial Automation Websites.

The 23rd of December 2015: The IFM O3D Smart Sensor - Adding an extra dimension to your machines.

The 16th of December 2015: Developing a Sales Forecast in Excel

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Industrial Automation Hands-on wants to be the place where you come looking for information on topics related to automation in different industries. I am trying to give you a broad over-all view. At the same time I will be giving you also detailed information.

If You Have PLC Questions And Answers - Click Here: If you have a PLC software or hardware question, Click Here!

The Book - Industrial Automation: Hands-on - Is Here:

First of all, I found this book at via Finally some one took the time to write a book explaining the basics of Industrial Automation, like the title of the book says "Hands-on". This book is certainly a must read if you want to know more about the subject.

This book carries the same title as my website, maybe the author Frank Lamb was inspired by the name of my site. It is nice to know that this indirectly creates recognition of some sort for both of us. Since I am a vivid promoter of the "Industrial Automation Hands-on Movement", I am glad to put his book in the spot light here. :-)

When new developments occur, new technologies surface, be sure I shall be covering them for you. As I am a Product Support Engineer / Inside Sales Engineer at a company specialized in automation.

Further more I would like to point out to you that industrial-automation should not be about pushing a certain technology. It is all about giving advice, supporting customers to the best of our knowledge and beyond. After all if you do not have the knowledge yourself, you can always ask for advice from an expert in that field.

Finally I can say to you, with more then 9 years of experience in this field, that a good, reliable solution is all what counts. It is what makes customers, come back for more.

If you have searched for an answer on an Industrial Automation question, but you didn't find an answer yet, then just click here, and pose your question

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